WTF Chief Announces New Humanitarian Body at United Nations HQ


Chungwon Choue took the opportunity to present the THF to the world at the most prestigious location possible – before unleashing the WTF Demo Team …


World Taekwondo Federation President Chungwon Choue revealed to the world the WTF’s plans for a new humanitarian organization in a speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, the United States, before overseeing an event that is surely unique in the organization’s history.
In an address to 700 UN officials and students on Sept. 21, 2015, Choue first introduced the benefits taekwondo delivers.
“It may seem paradoxical that an art of combat can be a way of peace – but it is!” Choue said. “Taekwondo is connecting people worldwide through a dynamic sport practiced in 206 nations and territories. It exemplifies Olympic values – which are sporting values and global values.”
Noting that, for individuals, taekwondo is a vehicle delivering physical fitness, self-defense and self-respect, he then revealed the WTF’s new humanitarian initiative, the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation. The foundation is designed to help the WTF discharge its humanitarian responsibilities and assist with one of the greatest problems of our day: the refugee crisis.

“The refugee crisis is one of the biggest issues the world faces right now and it is an issue we must face together,” Choue said. “As IOC President Thomas Bach said, sport and the Olympic movement should play a part in bringing humanitarian help to refugees.”
Taekwondo may be the ideal sport for refugee camps. “As a sport which requires minimal equipment, taekwondo is ideally positioned to help as it is easily deployable and easily accessible to all,” Choue continued. “Taekwondo will bring hope and joy to young people in refugee camps, keep them active and promote our global values.”
After his speech, Choue introduced the WTF Demonstration Team to the audience.
Team members mastered the challenge of a very narrow space between audience seating and the rostrum to deliver a short but spectacular presentation. Following that, Pan American Taekwondo Union President Ji-ho Choi – attired in dobok – picked up a microphone and called on the audience to stand up. They responded enthusiastically as Choi and the Demonstration Team members led the UN through a short taekwondo lesson – surely a first for the global body.
The WTF leader had delivered his address on the “UN International Day of Peace,” an event first proposed by his late father, academic Young-seek Choue in 1981. “My father passed away three years ago and so it is really touching and emotional for me to be here to present the WTF Demonstration Team to the U.N.,” Choue said before his speech.
Following their date at the UN, the WTF Demonstration Team had another appointment: A performance at the famous West Point Military Academy, where Master Choi teaches.