WTF Extends Reach to the Middle East with Inspirational Dubai Demonstrations



Over the weekend, taekwondo found itself raised to new heights few others have ever experienced.

The World Taekwondo Federation Demonstration Team was afforded a rare invitation to perform on top of the Burj Al Arab Hotel Helipad in Dubai, UAE on March 3, 2013. The sight has become an iconic, and even emblematic, venue for the world’s top athletes to show off their moves – tennis stars Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a highly publicized match on the renowned hotel helipad, and Tiger Woods became part of the Dubai skyline as he demonstrated his long drives off what many deem “the world’s only seven star hotel.”

The WTF Demonstration Team was offered this coveted opportunity after their performance during the opening ceremony of the inaugural 2013 Fujairah Open International Taekwondo Championships on March 1, 2013 impressed the Dubai Sport Council.

The WTF President, Dr. Chungwon Choue, said:

“I think that this demonstration on the Burj al Arab clearly shows how big our sport has become in this region and around the world. I think that it is a great example set for the athletes at this year’s Fujairah Open. This really is a sport for all and a sport where any dream can come true.

“The variety of nationalities participating within each age category at these championships demonstrates the universality of taekwondo. 2013 continues to be a year of great success for the WTF as we extend the arms of the Federation out to the rest of the world and offer them hopes and dreams.”

The three-day Fujairah Open International Taekwondo Championships are one of a number of international taekwondo events taking place this year as the sport’s population continues to accelerate around the world.

The taekwondo demonstration took place before the commencement of the Open, which included a senior competition, involving 147 athletes from 20 countries, a junior competition, involving 72 athletes from 15 countries, and a cadet competition, involving 60 athletes from 11 countries.