WTF Demonstration Team Prepares to Thrill Fans In and Out of Taekwondo Olympic Venue



Performances to be broadcast to 90 million people throughout Brazil

(August 10, 2016) – The internationally renowned WTF Demonstration Team will be performing at the taekwondo Olympic venue and Olympic Park Live site throughout the four days of taekwondo competition, bringing Olympic fans unique and spectacular performances.

Up to 90 million people throughout Brazil are expected to watch the 24 member team which was assembled specifically for Rio 2016 on August 16, the eve of taekwondo competition. The team includes members from Brazil, Mexico and Turkey reflecting the breadth of countries that practice the sport. The team will perform their gravity-defying routines in between taekwondo competition sessions in the Carioca Arena 3 to keep fans engaged and entertained and will also thrill spectators outside at the Olympic Park Live Site with performances between August 16 and 20.

A touch of the famous Brazilian carnival spirit will be added to the team’s routines as they partner with a local Brazilian drum and dance team. WTF Goodwill Ambassador and Miss World Brazil, Catharina Choi Nunes, will perform with the demonstration team on August 16 while limited edition balls signed by taekwondo athletes, officials and the demonstration team will also be given away every day.

WTF President Chungwon Choue said:

“The WTF Demonstration Team travels all around the world and wherever they go people always love to watch them perform. They perfectly demonstrate the skill and athleticism of taekwondo and we want to maximize their potential to thrill and excite during the Games. London 2012 was a fantastic Olympic Games for us but we identified spectator engagement as an area we felt there was room for improvement; this is something we have addressed in the lead up to Rio.

“The WTF Demonstration Team will from a key part of our entertainment programme keeping fans engaged during breaks in play between taekwondo matches and also out in the Olympic Park Live Site. In Rio, people will see the same athleticism and spectacular techniques as normal but the demonstrations will be set to the beat of the Brazilian carnival.”