2016 WTF RTP Athletes List and Selection Criteria


2016 WTF RTP Athletes List and Selection Criteria

WTF shall have the responsibility to ensure that every MNA conducts all national level testing on its athletes in strict compliance with WTF Anti-Doping Rules and WADA Anti-Doping Code. WTF should select a certain number of international athletes for Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and let them provide online filing of their whereabouts information on ADAMS of WADA website that is going to be used by ADOs such as WADA, IF and NADOs to locate the athletes for purpose of out-of-competition doping tests.

In this respect, it is the responsibility of the athletes on the RTP to make themselves available for testing. IST clause 11.3 sets out in detail what whereabouts information must provided by an athlete in RTP, and when and where daily information is required.

WTF has selected athletes to be listed for 2016 WTF RTP based on the following principles and considerations

-No. of athletes in RTP: 14 athletes (7 male and 7 female athletes) less than 2015 for a better management and implementation of OOCT.

-Top 3 athletes of the WTF Olympic Ranking

-Top 1 athlete from the 2015 Para-Taekwondo World Ranking in the K44 class (3 male and 3 female weight divisions)

-Consideration of Continental allocation balance

-Consideration of Gender balance

Male 10 Asia 6
Female 10 Africa 1
Total 20 Pan Am 1
Para-Taekwondo 6 Europe 6
Total MNAs 13